Better behavior

"My son has been on the protocol for a year and a half since we introduced zeolite, we started with this immediately, I am very satisfied, his condition has improved, he is tidier and more obedient at school, he learns material easier than in previous years, we would like to win one, we just spent ours"

Energy return

"Protocol plus Te Deum Zeolite literally raised me from the dead ... I have no words to thank both God and the people who helped me and many"

Speech, behavior, improvement

"I am the mother of two children on the protocol. We have been using TTZ for about half a year. Progress is noticeable to the extent that the 5-year-old son discontinued therapy. First they wanted a speech therapist. I somehow prevented that. My son told me the other day that he had pain in his legs and that he had to see a doctor. Do you know what progress that is? The 3-year-old daughter has been walking, she understands a lot, we are still waiting for the words to come out. Both are accompanied by a lot of diagnoses"

Fast results

I'm very satisfied, that's exactly what I wanted to tell you, I used the other brands, but it was going nowhere. With yours, I felt different after 3 days, I can see an improvement, I said to myself, you are on the right path Marija